Regardless of sector, size, structure or level of maturity, every organization needs proper, extensive and efficient management system to be able to be successful and improve itself.

Used as a common management system in Europe and Turkey, the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Model is a practical tool utilized by organizations to develop the quality of their management for various purposes.

The two of eight concepts of the EFQM Model, “Succeeding through Employees' Skills” and “Maintaining the Perfect Results” are important main concepts that add value to the human resources management of organizations that apply this model in accordance with sustainable corporate perfection.

Hence, measuring the systems and processes of human resources configured for the employee management and the results obtained from the management of those processes through a constant improvement approach is vital for organizations.

We as PES Survey are measuring the perception of your employees on your organization under the scope of Cr.6.a in which the results concerning the employees are addressed in accordance with the EFQM Model and reporting the results so that it can be associated with the Employee criteria (Cr.3).

Survey Method

  • Online survey
  • Distribute & Collect survey

Survey Model

  • Planning the survey process
  • Survey design
  • Survey application
  • Analyzing and reporting the results
  • Preparing and monitoring the action plans.
  • Consultancy assistance

Reporting Model

We identify the opportunities and threats that affect your employees' perception on your organization positively or negatively and accordingly provide easily understandable and detailed reports that help you create action plans in accordance with the EFQM Model. 

These are:

  • General result
  • According to EFQM main themes and questions
  • According to the department/the location
  • According to seniority
  • According to the task
  • According to the title
  • According to gender
  • According to age/generations 
  • According to talent

Consultancy Model

After performing the detailed analyses of the perception results of the survey study, we are designing action plans and providing organizations' human resources management with support to put those plans into practice so that they can build a basic human resources management in which personal and corporate purposes have mutual benefits.

Again, through the “Self-Assessment Study and Report” designed and applied upon the request of the organization in consideration of the results obtained and within the framework of related criteria of the EFQM Model, we are contributing to the preparations of application documents either for National Quality Awards or European Quality Awards.

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