Do you have any idea about the effect of your human resources and human management in your organization?

We are examining the conformity of your organization to your strategies, systems and processes of human resources, and the business goals, the distribution of your practices across the organization and their effects on the business conclusions by including the effects of all leaders in charge of the human management in detail with the HR Audit method.

Survey Method

  • Online survey
  • Distribute & Collect survey
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Focus group

Survey Model

  • Planning the process
  • Survey design
  • Survey application
  • Analyzing and reporting the results
  • Consultancy assistance

Reporting Model

We are providing our customers with detailed, easily understandable reports which will enable them to create improvement plans by realizing the opportunities and threats for the developmental fields that will increase the influence of the processes of human resources and human management. 

These are:

  • Status Quo Analysis report

Consultancy Model

We are designing the processes and practices that threaten your human resources and human management and the improvement opportunities as “External Assessment Reports” in accordance with results obtained from the detailed analysis of the processes of human resources.

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